GDPR Cookie Policy – Template Example – v1.0 – English (DOCX)

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The Cookie Policy is a document - usually a web page or a downloadable PDF file - that should contain the following:

  • General info about Cookies: what cookies are, how the website uses them and why, how to control them and so on.
  • Detailed info about the Cookies used on the website: technical, analytics, tracking, profiling, third-parties, social, and so on.
  • Opt-in and/or opt-out measures available to the users that do not want to have non-required cookies installed on their browser.

If you need an actual sample, you can take a look at our own Cookie Policy (updated on December 2018). A sample document based upon that is also available in  PDF and DOCX formats for your convenience. To download the DOCX version, click on the button below.

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