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Default IP Address and Default Password list for NETGEAR routers

In addition to this other post which contains the default IP Addresses and Password for almost any existing router brand, we’re also publishing a comprehensive list of NETGEAR modem/routers, with default URL and credentials for each one of them.

The list was updated by the end of April 2017 and should cover almost any NETGEAR device on the market: let’s hope yours is listed here as well!

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Default Password and IP Address list for (almost) any existing Router

Whoever lost his Router user manual or doesn’t have it ready when he actually needs to configure the device will probably find this list useful enough, containing the default IP addresses of a lot of existing Routers (grouped by brands).

In case you need the default username and password credentials for authenticate yourself within the admin panel interface, we strongly suggest to visit to recover them.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for a NETGEAR router, you can find your own model in this other post!

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How to disable Briefing on your Samsung Galaxy S6

If you just bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 you might be wondering what is that annoying Briefing screen that shows up everytime you swipe your home screen to the right, why the designers chose to add it with the smartphone default bundle and – most importantly – how to turn it off for good.

Yeah, it can be useful – as long as you need a dedicated news reading app: however, in case you don’t need it, you will surely benefit from the home screen space you can recover by getting rid of it. If you’re up for the latter option, this post is definitely for good, as we will show you how to disable that feature.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 ringtone and notifications sounds not working anymore after upgrading to Android Lollipop

Your beloved Galaxy S5 ceased talking after the latest android update? Fear not, for this is a common problem due to one of the new features of Google operating system’s fifth installment: we’re talking about the improved Blocking Mode, featuring a new option not present in the previous versions. As you probably already know, the Silent Mode option blocks the ringtones and the notifications for all of your contacts, while placing a “no parking” icon to the upper left.

To make this feature even more useful Lollipop added a new Priority option, which gives the user the chance to activate the Blocking Mode while excluding the contacts present in the Favorite list. This means that your phone won’t react to any incoming call or notification, except those sent by our own priority list.




A very useful feature indeed, let alone the fact that it tends to auto-activate itself after many upgrades: that’s why many user have seen their device suddendly stop working, without giving any visual evidence of what is actually happening: the new feature’s icon, which resembles the favorite star, is also rather misleading and doesn’t really help to understand what’s going on.

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