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Disney Frozen Elsa Costume Tutorial – Cosplay

UPDATE: For Disney Tangled Rapunzel Costume Tutorial, click here.

There are a lot of Elsa costume tutorials around the web, yet I found none of them really helpful when my little daughter asked me to sew a costume for her. Most of the “Ice dress” guides are simple and cheap, but the final result seems not very accurate and my daughter is really demanding when it comes to queen Elsa!


So I decided to create something on my own and, then, share my efforts. Hope they will be helpful somehow!



Disney Tangled Rapunzel Costume Tutorial

UPDATE: For Disney Frozen Elsa Costume Tutorial, click here.

I wrote this article to share the result of my efforts regarding the making of the Rapunzel costume. Hope you’ll like it! The tutorial is splitted into five parts: each one is focused around a specific topic or costume part.

Before we start, let’s take another look at the dress as it was designed by the Disney illustrators: I made the following patchwork trying to put all the main details into view.

Tangled Cosplay Rapunzel

Choosing the right fabric

The hardest part of the work here is to choose the right fabric type and color. Don’t underestimate the task – it’s not going to be easy. The good news is, once you do that you’re halfway done.

The fabric of the dress featured in the movie is likely a shimmer taffeta or satin: furthermore either the corset and the skirt’s central panel have a mild damask pattern. Chances to find an identical one in your neighborhood clothing store? Close to nothing. You’ll most likely spend a lot of time trying to find something close and you will also have to worry about the “hey, I’m wearing a table cloth!” effect, which happens to be just around the corner.

Don’t worry tho: Rapunzel’s damask clothing effect is almost inappreciable, so you can just fake it by sticking on solid color cloth and then modding it up a bit – we’ll get on it later.

Now let’s move to the big question: What colour is the dress like? Lilac & Violet? Pink & Purple? One of the most frequent mistakes made during the crafting of this princess handmade costume is about choosing the wrong tones:


Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay Colors


Left picture: too much blues. Right picture: too much reds. None of them is right, neither they come any close to Rapunzel.

The dress we want to sew is arranged using two different tones of a beatiful (and quite hard to find) pink/violet hybrid color, which answer to the following Pantone names: “pink lavender” for the corset, “radiant orchid” for the gown.

Point is, if you want your hand-crafted costume to look just like the animated one you’ll definitely have to look around a while in order to find the right color tone.