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Top 7 anime couples who really should kiss already

(Warning! This article may contain spoilers)


Take a very nice Anime. Take a great lead character. Take a virtually perfect partner. They patently like each other and would make such a great couple!
Episode after episode, they get closer and closer and you start thinking they are going to kiss and confess any time now. Yet, nothing actually happens. The two of them go on staring into each other’s eyes, casually touching and basically almost-kissing but do not satisfy your urge to see them together as a couple. Not now. Not yet. Anime authors seem to enjoy keep us hanging around over and over.

Eventually the audience start feeling like this:

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Lucca Comics & Games survival guide

The 2014 edition of the biggest and most relevant comics-and-games-dedicated italian fair just came to its end: the numbers, as usual, are way bigger than last years: over 400.000 total visitors around the city and 300.000 tickets sold- 80k more than the 2013. Way more than the city can handle, more than enough to cause serious problems to any staff crew – even the most competent one. The issues are mostly related to the masses who literally storm throughout the entire city (and on the highways around it) and the huge crowd inside each and every exibition stand. The worst part of it all is that anyone who visited the fair at least one time since 2006, the year when it was moved from the convention area to the city centre inside the walls, can’t possibly deny that things are getting worse every year: you start the day running, then you’re forced to slow your pace starting by noon, until you suddenly find yourself stucked in the middle the not-even-so-thin streets and places between the Games and the Comics areas – P.zza Napoleone, Garibaldi, P.le Vittorio Emanuele, P.ta San Pietro – togheter with thousands of visitors who would like to go somewhere as well as pee, eat, drink and rest just like you. Such a scary outcome can really blow out the high expectations of the newcomers, as well as frighten the hell out of those who didn’t expect that.- or didn’t bother to make a decent plan. You don’t want to make the same mistake: if you think you can make it only because you have 3 or 4 days, you got it wrong. During the Comics, moving between the stands, dropping stuff on your car (or hotel), eating stuff or even taking a dump can easily become a matter of hours. Not to mention the fact that – due to crow-management and/or security issues – an entire area can be suddenly closed to visitors for the rest of the day, potentially shutting down your next (and most wanted) stop.

As an attempt to help who never went there before, as well as who had its fair amount of issues yet wants to come back, we tried to put down a 10-step survival guide. They’re not iron-printed rules, just some hints & tips about what you can do in order to reach the city, optimize your time and do the stuff you came over to do while retaining the fun you deserve and the event is still able to give. As a dedicated (yet enthusiastic) visitor since 1993, I feel that they could probably help you around.


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