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Midnight Cinderella turning into an Anime? (Our dream voice cast)

At the beginning of November, Cybird announced “Ikemen Sengoku” Mobile Otome Game is getting an anime adaptation in 2017. That’s why we won’t stop dreaming about a future anime version of Cybird Ikemen Series’ most famous Otome: “Midnight Cinderella – Ikémen Royal Romances”, which we already talked about here. Let’s go all hype together with a dream voice cast.

Which Japanese seiyu idol would perfectly play your favorite Midnight Cinderella suitor?


These are our proposals for Midnight Cinderella anime version:

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MySQL – Secure alternative to include the password in command line scripts using mysql_config_editor and Host Alias

If you’re a System Administrator working with MySQL, you’re probably aware about the fact that the most effective way to automatize various tasks on regular basis is using command-line scripts using PHP and bash files (under Linux) or PHP, batch and PowerShell files (under Windows) and then hook them up to cron jobs/scheduled tasks to have them execute once a week, daily, hourly and so on.

This is a rather effective approach, expecially if you don’t want to use an automation GUI that can do the same but will often come with a price. However, such scenario is prone to a major security flaw: the fact that you have to put ad administrative password in clear text within the command-line itself.

Consider the following example:

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Manage IIS Log Files and purge those older than N days with a Powershell script or a batch file

Any System Administrator will agree that the Internet Information Services log files are an invaluable resource for any Web Server machine, since they are the only built-in tool that allows to effectively keep track of what happens among the web sites and services configured within the system: who requests what, where they are from, and a lot of useful informations regarding our visitors and guests. To see a list of the available info we can collect with the help of this feature, we can visit this official page who documents the W3C Extended Log File Format, which Microsoft adopted since IIS 6.0.


Needless to say, we’re also free to choose what we want to track: we can enable or disable each one of the aforementioned fields by opening the IIS Manager, double-clicking on the Logging and act accordingly, as shown in the screenshot below:


Like we said above, activating the logging feature is not a choice: a good administrator should always keep it enabled for a number of good reasons, including – yet not limiting to – statistical purposes. Just to make a quick example, guess what it could happen if someone tries to use the “file upload” feature available through one of your websites to send banned, restricted, forbidden or copyrighted content: as a result of this the local authority could run an investigation out of your system, which you could easily pass by showing your IIS logs together with a proper explanation of what really happened… unless you turned that feature off to save HDD space!

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Zoom, the new leader among cloud-based video conference softwares

If you are looking for an alternative who will allow you to avoid teaching your friends & colleagues how to properly use Skype, Hangouts or other similar softwares to host or partecipate video-conferences, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a new player out there worth of your attention: its name is Zoom and, if it keeps the growing pace of these last few months, it will probably become a killer-application just as WhatsApp did for istant messaging and TeamViewer did for remote desktop.

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How to disable Briefing on your Samsung Galaxy S6

If you just bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 you might be wondering what is that annoying Briefing screen that shows up everytime you swipe your home screen to the right, why the designers chose to add it with the smartphone default bundle and – most importantly – how to turn it off for good.

Yeah, it can be useful – as long as you need a dedicated news reading app: however, in case you don’t need it, you will surely benefit from the home screen space you can recover by getting rid of it. If you’re up for the latter option, this post is definitely for good, as we will show you how to disable that feature.

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