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phpBB – Turn off deactivated_super_global option to use Server Variables (within global scope or programmatically)

Anyone who is using the internet and plays with forums – as software developer, webmaster or enthusiast – is most likely aware of what phpBB is: we’re talking about the open-source PHP forum platrfom which dominates the web since year 2000, with a ton of  skins, themes, plugin, extensions and everything needed to build awesome community-based  websites for free.

At the time of writing, the latest phpBB build is 3.1.10, the latest (as we speak) installment of the 3.1.x core stack, which featured an extensive rewrite of the previous engine by adopting – among many other things – the increasingly-popular Symfony web framework: the new core introduced a wide amount of security-related improvements and fixes, being vulnerability  the platform’s greatest weaknesses – as it can always be expected from a software used by millions of websites.

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Change WordPress Permalinks without breaking the previous ones (avoiding 404 HTTP errors)

If you know something about SEO, you probably already know what WordPress Permalinks are and the huge impact they have on your website visibility around the web. For this very reason, changing their structure is not a trivial task and shouldn’t be underestimated by any webmaster or blog owner: not doing it properly will most likely result in broken links, 404 Page Not Found errors and other dreadful scenarios that will bring your SEO score down. In this post we will try to overcome these issues: however, before we do that, let’s make sure we’re all on the same track.

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Text Masking in Adobe Photoshop: How to dig through a Layer with Text

Any decent After Effects user most certainly know how to create masks from text or add silhouette alpha to make a text layer (or any other layer) “dig” into another layer. This is a widely used effect that we can easily see in most commercials, online banners and other advertising-related graphics of any kind.

In Photoshop we do have Layer Masks and Vector Masks that can be used to achieve the same result: however, if the “dig through” effect is what you’re looking for, there is a much simpler way to do that.

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Yet another optimized robots.txt file for WordPress (including all the latest Googlebots)

There are a lot of self-declared “optimized” robots.txt files for WordPress around the web, but most of them don’t allow full access to most Googlebots that scans our website for various reasons, such as: mobile browsers compatibility, PageSpeed insights, tag/structured data analysis, & more. Here’s a list of all of them as of October 2016, including the most recent ones.

If you want to be sure that your robots.txt isn’t blocking any of these, you can test your website URLs with the following tools:

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